Frequently Asked Questions

How does Madam Markdown keep the prices so affordable?

We search frequently for items that are at or near their lowest price. In addition, currently, we are practicing word-of-mouth marketing to maintain a low cost for advertising. As long as our loyal and future customers continue to spread the word about Madam Markdown products and services, then we can continue to maintain good quality items at affordable prices.


Why are most items only available in limited sizes or quantities?

Madam Markdown can be viewed as an online clearance outline. The variety of the products changes frequently and is based on what is available and marked down during our quests. Once the item(s) is sold, then there is no promise that the same or similar item will show up on the site again.


Why was an item that was added to my cart unavailable at checkout?

Placing something in your shopping cart doesn't always guarantee that you'll get the item. If an item sells out while you're shopping, it may be removed from your cart if you haven't proceeded to checkout. It's also possible that an item may be available at the beginning of checkout, but while entering shipping or payment information it may have gone out of stock. In this case, you will be notified and refund will be sent accordingly. To help ensure you get the item you want, it's best to proceed to checkout right away. 


Are the products new or used?

NEW. All of the products and clothes on the Madam Markdown website are new. Most come with their original tags and packaging.


Are there more items available than what is posted on the website?

YES. Madam Markdown has a large stock of products. We choose not to post everything on the website at one time in order to prevent it from slowing the uploading process. This increases customer satisfaction and improves your shopping experience. Some of the typical items that we have off-site are swimwear, body shapers, lingerie, seasonal items, and maternity clothes.


What if I'm searching for a clothing article or accessory that is not on your website?

CONTACT US. As mentioned, all of our stock is not posted on the Madam Markdown website. If you are searching for something specific that you do not see on the site, then we can personally look through our off-site inventory. If we have it, we will let you know. If we do not have it, then we can try to assist you in finding it.


How often are new items added to your website?

It varies from every 1-3 weeks. That means you should check out the site frequently!


Do you offer personal shopping?

YES. Anyone can request a personal shopping service. Personal shopping services range from a one-time event to a full wardrobe. Fees for personal shopping begin at $65, and are based on how specific of an item is needed, quantity of items, and time frame needed. A consultation is completed first, at no charge. Only after an agreement of services is made, then the service fee will need to be paid. The service fee is non-refundable.